Vegetable Garden Kit
Vegetable Garden Kit
Vegetable Garden Kit

Vegetable Garden Kit

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This staple garden kit is perfect for new and old gardeners alike. Featuring what we consider the staples a standard kitchen garden. This kit was designed with an 8' X 4' raised garden bed in mind. Of course, it can be retrofitted to just about any size garden that is 32 cubic feet or more.

Staple Kit includes:

- Heirloom Tomato Seeds
- Snap Pea Seeds
- Kale Roulette Seeds
- Green Bean Provider Seeds
- Green onion Parade Bunching Seeds
- Radish Rainbow Mix seeds
- Lettuce Salad Bowl Mix Seeds
- A set of 7 plant tags and a grease marker
- Planting instructions / Suggestions
- Material Guide
- Garden Layout Plan

Feeling ambitious? Add on the deluxe veggie expansion and have yourself a full garden of just about any vegetable you could ask for. This kit was also designed for beds averaging 8' X 4' (or 32 cubic feet). Of course, it can be used in several smaller beds as well.

Delux kit includes:

- Staple kit collection
- Arugula Astro Seeds
- Beet Mix (golden and red) Seeds
- Eggplant Little Fingers Seeds
- Tomato Sunsungar Seeds
- Tomato Bumble Bee Purple Seeds
- Cucumbers Tasty Green Seeds
- Swiss Chard Seeds
- Squash Scallop Blend Seeds
- 8 Additional plant tags
- Planting instructions/ suggestions
- Material Guide
- Garden Layout Plan