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Pink Charm Daffodil Bulbs

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Large Cupped Daffodil bulbs feature large flowers with a cup (corona) that is slightly less than the length of the flower petals. This delicate-looking variety is so precious with its ivory petals and salmon cup that fades to cream. The combination gives it an almost ombre effect. Wonderful stem length for cut flowers.

10 bulbs per pack

Growing Information:

Plant your bulbs in full sun to part shade in the fall (September- December) when your daytime temperatures average around 60ºF or lower.

Amend soil with compost or soil to allow for good drainage.

Plant small bulbs 3-4" deep with points facing up.

Plant large bulb varieties 6-8" deep with points facing up.

Space bulbs anywhere from 2-6" apart depending on the desired effect.

Hardiness Zone: 3-8 Height:16-18"

Deer resistant | Fragrant| Cut Flower | Drought Tolerant | Rabbit Resistant