Pepper  Lunchbox Mix  Organic Seed

Pepper Lunchbox Mix Organic Seed

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Red, yellow, and orange mini sweet bell peppers in one mix. Wonderfully flavorful and delicious raw or cooked. All three varieties have tall, strong plants with high yields, however, the red is a little smaller. Note that each seed only produces one plant/color. Plant enough to produce a mix suitable for your needs.
Planting Instructions: Start seeds indoors about 8 weeks prior to transplanting out (after the danger of frost). Sow seeds ¼” deep and keep soil warm. Peppers germinate much slower in cool soil. Consider using a plant heating mat to keep your starts toasty. Transplant out after the danger of frost has passed. Ideal seedlings have buds, but no open flowers. Space 12-18” apart. The more you harvest your fruit the more you’ll encourage more peppers to form.
Sun: Full Sun Germination (days till sprouts appear): 6-28 days Life Cycle: Annual Days to maturity: 75-83 Height: 18-24” Spacing: 12-18” Germ Rate: 85%