Medicinal Herb Kit

Medicinal Herb Kit

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This kit was designed to give you the most useful medicinal herbs for your garden. The practice of growing medicinal herbs in home gardens has been around for ages. Historically many people didn't have easy access to common medicine. Growing certain herbs in their kitchen garden, people were able to treat their basic ailments easily on their own.

Access to herbal remedies are abundant nowadays and resources for learning can be found with just a quick google search. When you are using your own fresh herbs, make sure you do additional research about potency and risk factors from reputable sources.

This kit includes:

- Calendula Pink Surprise (30 Seeds)
- Stinging Nettle (200 Seeds)
- Roman Chamomile (200 Seeds)
- Lemon Balm (200 Seeds)
- Skullcap (20 Seeds)
- St. John's Wort (50 Seeds)
- Toothache Plant (200 Seeds)
- Borage Organic ( 35 Seeds)
- Wooden Plant Tag kit (8 plant tags & grease marker)

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