Kale  Roulette  Seeds

Kale Roulette Seeds

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This show-stopper kale variety is has a deep reddish-purple leaf with a bold pink vein running throughout the leaf. It’s great for baby kale as well as traditional kale uses when the leaves are mature. The leaves can be harvested multiple times throughout.
SEED COUNT: 50 seeds
Planting instructions: Sow seeds ¼” deep about 12-18” apart in early spring and again in midsummer for a fall harvest. In hotter climates refer to your state school agricultural guide for planting dates. Harvest when leaves are at least 6-8” long.
Sun: Full Sun Germination (days till sprouts appear): 10-21 days Life Cycle: Annual Days to maturity: 65- 80 Spacing: 12-18" Height: 24-36”