Dahlia |  Fairway Spur | Dinnerplate | Tuber

Dahlia | Fairway Spur | Dinnerplate | Tuber

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A true multi-tonal peach, coral, and pink dahlia with a large 10" floret. This is the type of flower that makes me feel lucky, mostly because of it's wow factor. Imagine walking out to your garden to find this huge bloom just waiting for you.          #flowernerd

Hardiness Zones: 3-10 Mature Height: 43"  Bloom Time: July - October

 Sun: Full Sun Characteristics: Deer Resistant, Cut Flower

Planting Instructions: Plant bare roots 2" deep and 24-36" apart. Dig up in the winter in northern states. Dry the tubers outside for a few days then store them in vermiculite in a frost-free area.