We are a seed and floral company based out of Portland, Oregon. Our background in farming and floral design are the catalysis behind this business. We've combined our love for farming, seed saving, floral design and sharing our knowledge with others to bring our customers the highest quality seeds, dried flowers, bulbs, and educational resources for all of their gardening and decorating needs. 

This growing season we are producing our own crop of vegetables, herbs, and flowers for seed production. 


We believe that everyone can have their own vegetable or flower garden. We hear it time and time again, that brown thumbs are hard to turn green. What we've learned over years of gardening in our own backyard is that no successful gardener got there by not failing a time or two (or a hundred). The act of planting a seed, watching it grow, and paying attention to what happens throughout its lifecycle is the lesson. 


We promise that our seeds are not chemically treated, and sourced from responsible companies. We offer open pollinated, heirloom and hybrid seeds. We will not ever source seeds from companies like Monsanto. When available we try to always choose organic seeds. With the limited availability of seeds these days, we do include standard (non-organic) seeds in our collection to provide our customers with plentiful options. This growing season we are producing our own crop of vegetables, herbs, and flowers for seed production. We hope to offer a robust collection of seeds grown on our Portland land in the coming years. 

In addition, the majority of our dried flowers are grown locally in our farming community in Oregon. 


We deeply value the importance of  adding beauty to our lives. Far too often we go through our days on autopilot. When we add beauty to our surroundings, it helps us pause, appreciate the world around us. We find it the calm we need when times are tough and the reassurance when times are good. The ephemeral beauty of flowers is part of what keeps us connected to the constantly changing seasons.